This Makeup Artist Creates Mind-Blowing Illusions We Simply Can’t Stop Staring At

Artist Dain Yoon, 25, creates makeup lewks that are completely sick, in the best possible way. Her skill is nothing short of astounding. 

Yoon is from South Korea, and according to BuzzFeed, just graduated from Korea National University in February 2017. 

Speaking to BuzzFeed, Yoon said that she decided to become a full-time artist the day she graduated. 

“After my works got recognition back in May 2016, I knew I wanted to make art, rather than just makeup,” she said. 

Her creations are so trippy it’s hard to believe they’re not the result of Photoshop. But here she is, in action, eating pizza with a super-cool multiple eye and mouth look. 

Yoon revealed that she challenges herself to do something new and different with every piece of art she puts on herself. 

“That’s why I always try different types of illusion paintings rather than one consistent style,” she explained. 

Her face isn’t her only canvas—she’s worked on her nails, too. 

She’s even done performance art involving a group of women in pink body paint with a huge eye on their chests. 

So far she’s been able to collaborate with huge brands such as Apple, Snapchat, BMW, and 20th Century Fox. 

And she was a guest on Ellen

You can check out more of her work on her Instagram account (@designdain) or on her website. Just make sure your eyes don’t start to cross. 

h/t: BuzzFeed, Instagram: @designdain

Dean Altman

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.