Man’s Misogynistic List Of How To Be A ‘Beautiful Woman’ Is Truly Bonkers

The author of a daily newsletter he claims gives you “the tools to optimize your life’s performance” has penned a tweet of attributes listing “How To Be A Beautiful Woman.”

His name is Alexander J.A. Cortes, and his last viral hot take espoused his belief that women who dye their hair “unnatural” colors are “toxic” and “crazy.” (He compared these women to poison-dart frogs and wasps who signal their lethality with bright coloring.)

Cortes’ “How To Be A Beautiful Woman” list is a rage-bait that has folks on Twitter all fired up. Which, of course, was his intention.

In the unlikely event the neg worked on some unfortunate soul, Cortes followed up the list by plugging his newsletter.

And offered it to men as a means of “vetting women.”

He then posted a selfie to “satisfy” the “fantasies” of women “desperate for [his] validation and attention.”

It didn’t stop there.

Cortes encouraged women to contact him so that he could teach them how to be attractive, but then added that he only talks “to women who are 8+s on a 10 scale.”

He wants women to know that if his list angered them, it’s probably because they’re fat.

“Women that react adversely to this thread,” Cortes warns, are “peak Delusional feminism.”

Cortes ended the thread by dedicating another selfie to all the women who want to “hate f**k” him.

But! It! Still! Didn’t! Stop! There!

The lady doth protest too much, no?

He forgot to add “loves to smile” to his list.

Twitter was quick to shut down Cortes’ particular brand of misogyny and self delusion.

As much as we’d like to believe Cortes is trolling, his entire Twitter timeline and YouTube channel suggest otherwise. “This is why having haters is a good thing,” he wrote in a series of subsequent tweets. “Its alchemy. They fuel you and make you unstoppable, they can never forgot you, they can never not pay attention to you.”

Lol, ok.