Men Are Responding To Women’s, Umm, “Adult” Questions That They’ve Always Been Afraid To Ask

If you don’t have a penis and aren’t a cis man, there are certain things you don’t know about the beautiful human mystery of having a ding dong. Redditor u/Byza_ posted on r/AskReddit, demanding, “Girls: what NSFW questions about guys have you always wondered?” It’s possible that they are a girl, but I’m reading it more as a man trying to get girls to talk about freaky stuff. And they did.

Below are some of the questions with the most interesting Askreddit confessions and responses. Some you might know and some might horrify and surprise you.

1. Do you prefer using urinals or are they just faster in public places? Like if you could get a urinal installed in your home, would you?

Personally have been dreaming of a home urinal. They’re quieter, more water efficient, and easier to clean.

That said though, the best place to pee is always outside. No rules, no aim, just let er go. —FunshineBear14

I have one in my garage.

To all the people making jokes – it’s a real urinal that’s plumbed in. —Zediac

2. What does it feel like to have sex?

You know that feeling when you wake up and it is cold outside of your blanket? Now, imagine that “this just feels right” feeling you get when you roll to your side and pull the blankets around you.

Take that feeling and combine it with the euphoric moment you felt in college when your last class ended on Friday afternoons.

Now combine those feelings with an obsession to climax no matter what. Nothing else matters. —MrRockafireExplosion

askreddit confessions

3. Do you actually enjoy being stared at when we are giving you a blowjob?

If the moment is right, the eye contact thing is insanely hot. That said, sometimes I want to just lay back and be blissed out – I guess if you want it, look up and see if he’s on the same page. If you like closing your eyes, he might feel like the pressure is off and he gets to do the same, like what a relief… in either case, it’s a relief to be on the same page organically —Chonjae

4. I have lots of questions about urinal etiquette… like, do you chat to your mates if you’re taking a leak together?

No. Never. It’s a mortal sin. We always leave an empty urinal space between us when possible, and look straight ahead, do our business and then leave. If we talk at all it’s when we’re washing our hands and leaving. —cheapdenim

5. Does it feel gross to sh*t through all that hair?

Sh*t, no. Wiping, that’s another story. —rSa2219

Throw some peanut butter on the grass outside and try and wipe it up with toilet paper. —Timesgodjillion

askreddit confessions

6. Do you like having your balls played with when you’re having sex?

Yeah sometimes. It depends what mood you are in, as with anything but a gentle touch while getting it on from behind is dope, personally. It’s also nice to feel that your ENTIRE body is desirable. Even the wrinkly sack between the legs. —dopeandcherrycoke

7. Not exactly NSFW, but how should a girl let guys know they are dtf or single and ready to mingle?

Straight up tell them, don’t try to give any signals, we are idiots and won’t get them —Stiffmeister24

8. When guys cycle or horse ride, stuff like that, where does your penis go? Is it like tucked to one side or somehow sitting in the middle?

A question a cyclist can answer wow

Basically some saddles have a hole in the middle right? If you ride and train for races you’re in the saddle 10+ hours a week. With the wrong saddle you actually loose sensation in your d*ck (happened to me). If you look at TT seats you notice the way they’re shaped, not only for aero gains but since you’re leaned forward more your d*ck needs more room.

And it’s actually not even your d*ck but the part between your balls and anus, there’s a certain system that has nerves connecting to your d*ck and that’s what’s really important, hence why tons of men cyclist have holes in the middle of their seat

TLDR: Hole in Seat helps d*ck not be numb because of nerves under your balls —ennis45233

askreddit confessions

9. How do they clean their pp after peeing, do they rub the paper in the head or they just wait for it to dry?

We just shake it around until it stops dripping. Then you inevitably have one more drop go on your underwear but you go on with your life. —Pleasurepiggy123

10. Do you still get random boners as adults? I know it happens to teenagers sometimes, but does it ever stop happening? If it happens to adults, how often?

Not nearly as often. Personally it kinda depends on the amount of time I’ve gone without a release. Go a day or 2 without and it may happen once or twice over the course of the day, 3 or more and its prolly gonna happen every hour at least once.

But yes, they do still happen. —supbitch