Man Tries To Booty Call A Date By Negging Her Film-Watching Skills

Twitter account @cheracuse on Sunday shared a conversation pulled from Tumblr user marxistbarbie that amounts to genuinely one of the most hysterical and simultaneously maddening instances of mansplaining to date.

“This is why i refuse to date any guy that loves cinema,” she wrote, alongside the screen shots.

Tumblr user marxistbarbie (a search for which did not yield any results) issued some context underneath the chat screenshot: “I met this guy in the smoking are of a house party in hackney wick and he literally said the words “im not like other guys you know” and now he’s booty calling me with french new wave cinema.”

The “not like other guys” guy condescendingly asked OP to watch a movie and told her she’d like it, unless she doesn’t “get” art house.

(Which doesn’t even make any sense. “Art house” simply means independent-produced.)

When OP says she doesn’t want to watch the movie with him because she already saw it and didn’t enjoy it, he basically told her she just didn’t “understand any of the messages.”

“Dude I know how to watch films,” she replied.

Presumably, OP didn’t approach them in an “intellectually challenging” enough way. Lol.

Cher, who posted the exchanged, followed up the since-deleted tweet with the following disclaimer:

Women who work in film or who went to art/film school related hard to the conversation:

Also, fellas take note: talking down to women in general—even ones that haven’t seen Goddard films, or know anything about topics you personally like—is a bad way to try to get a date.

h/t Twitter