Twitter Says Nike’s New ‘Gender Neutral’ Clothing Line Is Exploitative, Overpriced, And Ugly

Brands and corporations are trying so hard to make money off the world’s changing perceptions of gender. Most clothing companies still have separate men’s and women’s lines but some are attempting to create unisex clothing. Like Nike, who just released what they’re calling a “gender neutral” collection of clothes. The website says that the clothing line includes “comfortable and iconic looks without gender distinctions. Including a wide selection of gender neutral jackets, trousers, t-shirts and hoodies.”

There are just a few problems with the line, though, and Twitter was happy to point them out. 

Right off the bat, the clothing is still being made in men’s and women’s sizes, which is…not gender-neutral at all. 

One person wondered how else Nike would size the clothing, and she got a very informative answer to an honest question. 

Twitter user @DanaVivianWhite schooled Nike about what was wrong with their collection. 

And another user pointed out that the clothing Nike is advertising isn’t even “gender-neutral” so much as it is “men’s clothing in women’s sizes.” 

Where are the gender-neutral tennis dresses? 

Other people just made fun of Nike for trying to seem “woke.” 

And tweeted that it all comes down to capitalism. Money, money, money. 

It’s great that companies like Nike want to provide gender-neutral clothing for men, women, and nonbinary folks, but maybe they should work on it actually being, hello, gender-neutral. 

h/t: Indy100, Twitter: @Wilfreyfrey