25 Things Y’all Need To Stop Pretending Are Personality Traits

Social media has made everyone believe that they need to BE somebody. The lives of acquaintances and strangers always seem better online, and this has been shown to breed feelings of inadequacy and anxiety.

This may be my personal theory, but the desire to prove that you are a somebody to the world has misled people into believing they need to perform their identity. So rather than people figuring out who they are based on the good it does for themselves or the world, we’re left with a bunch of people who behave in very particular ways, call them “personality traits,” and think that’s a perfectly normal way to exist. 

Here are 20 things that simply ARE NOT PERSONALITY TRAITS, no matter what.

1. Wanting a fried chicken sandwich when one isn’t available:

2. Forcing your friends to pick your “best” selfie:

3. Either of these things:

4. Smoking weed:

5. Cruelty and cattiness:

6. Being into true crime:

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7. Sleep deprivation:

8. And the results of it:

9. Snot:

10. Lacking height:

11. Alcoholism:

12. Any drug habit, really:

13. Hating movies just because people really love them:

14. Same goes for music.

15. Flunking out of school:

16. Fantasy football:

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17. Being into IPAs/Microbrews:

18. Trucks:

19. Liking beverages:

20. Cats:

21. Going to the beach:

22. Disassociation:

23. This 🙁

24. And this:

25. Annnnnd this:

Bonus: Something that IS a personality trait (same goes for pronouncing Target as Tar-Jay, don’t @ me)