People On Twitter Are Sharing Times They Proved A Hater Wrong And It’s Empowering As Hell

Yeah, sex is cool, but have you ever had someone doubt you and then proved them wrong? Shutting up a hater feels amazing. It feels so good people go to extraordinary lengths and accomplish near impossible feats.

Twitter user @FredTJoseph asked people to share times they proved a doubter wrong and the replies will fill you with empowerment

Some very successful people had folks doubt them in the beginning. 

Hate can motivate.

Small victories are still victories. 

The lesson to take from this is don’t give up. It’s tough to see the finish line because there isn’t one. You just have to keep working and grinding. If someone tells you to quit, put that in your tank and burn it as fuel. 

That is unless you’re an “actor” who moved to LA five years ago but still haven’t booked a single gig, so now you’re just waiting tables and reading the specials in a super over the top manner because “maybe someone will notice me.” They won’t. You’re just another mediocre looking Michigan 8 who’s now an LA 5. Go home. You’re just adding to the traffic. (use this)