Pornhub User Announcing His Retirement From The Site Is Strangely Wholesome

You may not believe it, but there are parts of Pornhub that are truly wholesome and delightful.

Take, for example, the comments section, full of gems like this…


And this…


And this…


And of course this motivational post…


Yes, the comments are always a pick-me-up when I’m feeling low, but today we have a new contender for wholesome PH content, via the comments…

Now, people have very different opinions about what constitutes cheating in this day and age, but I have always thought there was a general vibe that watching porn is okay as long as it doesn’t disrupt the couple’s sex life or get thrown in anyone’s face.

There’s also a money addendum, in which the money you spend on porn should not mess with bill payments.

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Maybe I’m the only one who understood this unspoken porn compromise? I’m questioning everything after reading a comment discovered by Twitter user @jrllysucks on Pornhub.

They shared a screenshot of the comment, and captioned it, “I came for a nut but arrived at a conclusion.”

“Boys, I am here not to watch, but to announce my retirement,” the Pornhub fan Liljdub wrote in the comments fo some sex vid.

“I have officially found the one person that is right for me. She is brilliant, beautiful, and loyal. Every day I wake up and realize how happy she makes me. The reason I am done watching porn is because it feels wrong, almost as if I am cheating. I hope one day you guys that are reading this find the same thing I have and I know you all will miss me and I will miss you, liljdub signing off.


Wow. This is a true expression of loyalty, not only to his amazing new gal, but to the boys in the comments with whom he apparently shares some sort of relationship.

I had no idea what a community there is on there. Just bros being bros.

The tweet of the comment has gone super viral, with over 65k retweets and so many comments calling the gesture romantic and oddly sweet:

There were also a lot of replies featuring other bizarre or funny Pornhub comments that are probably mostly real:

Nothing wrong with masturbating, but if you are going to Pornhub for advice or therapy, please talk to a professional.

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