Physical Therapist’s Tip For People Who Can’t Poop On Vacation Goes Viral

It’s poop, guys. It’s poop.

You know how when you head out on vacation, you suddenly get all kinds of backed up? It’s actually a really common problem that over 6.8 million people related to when they saw @demetriusfields‘ TikTok.

The video starts with a gorgeous view of the jungle on a recent vacation. “Look at how pretty,” he says with a grin. Then the tone changes sharply. “I’ve been on vacation for five days, and I haven’t pooped yet.”

@demetriusfields / TikTok

Thankfully, we have Oriana Barger, a pelvic physical therapist assistant. She specializes in women’s health at an orthopedic clinic in San Diego and she quickly came to help us all poo successfully on vacation.

“Hi, my name is Oriana, and I teach people how to poop for a living,” she says in the video. “I teach these things to people all day long and get a lot of success from it.”

@orianabarger / TikTok

She starts off: “You need to lay down, have your knees bent, find your hip bones, and go ahead and scoop that tissue up. … Scoop that skin up.”

@orianabarger / TikTok

“Find that nice, solid point — because I know that you’re going to have that solid point — and I want you to breathe deeply into that space. You’re going to hold it for three deep breaths and make sure you’re allowing your belly to expand down as you breath in and out.”

@orianabarger / TikTok

At that point, she says, “You can also do the ILU massage where you go up on that right side, across to the left side, down on that left side; up on that right side, across to the left side, and down.”

TikTok: @orianabarger / BuzzFeed Via tiktok.com

“You can also do some belly compressions with this,” Barger says as she demonstrates by hitching her knees to her chest. “You can rock side to side, take those deep breaths, and then just be there for a moment.”

@orianabarger / TikTok

You can check out the full viral video below for more tips.

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