Postal Workers Are Sharing How You Can Help Them On The Job Right Now (15 Posts)

I never thought the day would come when showing your support for the post office would be a political thing. But with the United States Postal Service under attack right now by the Trump administration, we need to show our postal workers more than ever that they are appreciated.

On Reddit, postal workers and their family are telling people what they can do to show their thanks—and there are some great ideas.

One of the top suggestions? A bottle of cold water is always needed! And a kind word! 


“Husband delivers mail and he loves just about anything people do. From pictures drawn from kids along the route to thank you letters to cold water and ding dongs. He is appreciative of it all!!” — kbhaden


“Keep in mind the mail carriers don’t have air conditioning in their vehicles. There was one that got baked alive in California last year. The collection drivers don’t have A/C as well, but they don’t hit the residential areas for the most part.” — ProFriendZoner


“Former carrier here. Had one house that always left me a bottle of ice cold water. Highlight of that route!” — f309rod


“My father has been a postal worker for decades. What makes him smile the most is when people just reach out and be nice and friendly. He would always tell us stories about the people who would put a smile on his face. Notes/cards go a long way. But also just say hi and ask them how their day is going.” — L_Jackson23


“Former mail carrier here, #1 get a bigger mail box lol. Water and treats are nice, but a box they don’t have to get out at to deliver things is the gift that keeps on giving.” — Mummifiedchili


“Stop blocking the mailbox when you park on the street.” — PrayForMojo88


“Cold water on a hot day, being patient with us if there are delays, somebody actually being home to take the next day 1pm delivery parcel you ordered, agree on a safe place for any parcels you get so your postie doesn’t have to spend extra time writing out a card.” — visceralbutterfly


“Carrier here! All I ask is for the love of God PLEASE WEAR PANTS WHEN ANSWERING THE DOOR!…I’ve had straight up naked dudes sign for there package without batting an eye…oh the stories of awkwardness I could tell you guys…oh also smiles and friendliness is appreciated…but with clothes on.” — SetsukoSnow


“Put numbers on your damn mailbox/house. Send cards/legit letters to people. Tear down your POS lockbox that nothing fits into and get an actual mailbox. Say hello but don’t hold me up for a half-hour bc I don’t have time to lose. Buy stamps. If you see the mailman struggling with your giant ass refrigerator box, help, don’t just watch from your porch. And for the LOVE OF GOD, STOP ASKING IF ITS HOT ENOUGH FOR ME OUT HERE.” — h00gieboss


“Okay…I know the whole joke about ‘ahhh dogs hate mailmans dogs go brrrrrr’ but please do keep your dogs inside…it scares the mail.” — ArchieLube