25 Utterly Staggering Predictions Of Things To Happen In The Next Billion Years

Thinking about the future is overwhelming, especially when the weekend feels like a lifetime away. Even those of us who are planners by nature can’t predict what our lives will look like five, ten, or fifteen years from now.

Science, however, has a much more accurate insight into the future of our world. See for yourself, with these staggering predictions of things to happen in the next billion years.

1. In 2020 more people on Earth will own a phone than have electricity.

Xaume Olleros / AFP / Getty Images

2. Also in 2020, robotic exoskeletons will help seniors move around more easily.

3. In 2021, the U.S. Airforce plans to put lasers on fighter jets.

Air Force Research Lab

4. In 2022, China will send a third space station into Earth’s orbit.

5. In 2024, SpaceX will send a mission to Mars carrying human cargo.


6. In 2025, genetically engineered algae will allow us to brew prescribed medication in our homes.

7. In 2026, construction on Sagrada Familia in Barcelona will finally be completed (started in 1882).

Wiki Commons

8. In 2027, tiny flying robots will be used to pollinate crops instead of bees.

9. In 2038, the FIFA world cup trophy will have to be rotated in order to fit new winner’s names.

Barbara Sax / AFP / Getty Images

10. In 2070, the first elevator from the Earth to the Moon will be operating.