Professional Bikini Waxers Are Sharing Their Horror Stories And Oh My God, They’re Painful

Many women opt for waxing over shaving because it’s a well-known fact that waxing keeps hair away longer. 

While it’s completely normal to hit up a salon to get the hair on your lady bits ripped away, we often forget that someone is getting paid to do it for us.

Unfortunately, not everyone gives waxes the respect they deserve. u/dreamingofwealth asked professional waxers to share their worst horror story and it’s truly traumatizing.


I asked this very question to someone who was waxing me. Theirworst is normally hygiene related, like a woman who’d clearly had sex at some point just before the appointment and hadn’t cleaned out properly.



Not me, but this happened to a friend of mine. She and her girlfriend decided to get Brazilian waxes together. It was her first Brazilian wax, so she had no frame of reference for how much it was supposed to hurt. First strip, okay, few more, fine, then one more pull and MEGA PAIN. The waxer looked terrified, but then just smiled and just quickly made gestures for her to get dressed and come out front to pay (this happened in South Korea). When she got home, she inspected the area, and the waxer had actually ripped her labia. She had to immediately go to hospital to get stitches to have it repaired. All my friend did was go back to the salon with her hospital bill and demand thatthey pay it and call the matter settled, which they did.



A very large lady would ask for a Brazilian wax, which includes the ass crack. She already had strong body odour and when my teacher waxed the ass crack, the wax strip was caked in shit. She just about threw up on the client.



I was a hairstylist and we really only ever did facial waxing and offered to clients as an upsell. A regular client of mine was traumatised by a proir waxing experience (with a stylist that was not my self years prior) and declined. Well, the stylist went to wax her brows and dropped a giant clump or of wax on her lashes! Then proceeded to take a long time to remove the wax (I think like an hour) with only water and no oil residue remover that would have made the wax side off instantly.



A waxer once told me that she had ‘accidentally’ waxed a girls tampon straight out of her pussy. The string must have got caught in the wax. Neither of them said anything for the next 30 mins.



I got my eyebrows waxed after being off accutane for like a month. Thought it would be fine. She ripped my skin off but for some reason kept going! I had red skin all along my eyebrows. She didn’t even do a good job shaping them, lol.



So I didnt know my skin was insanely sensitive. I went in got the whole kit and kaboodle. Brazilian the lady even did the inside of my ass cheeks a bit. Welllll turns out I’m more sensitive than I thought I was, and the severe itching and enormous rash that followed was catastrophic. I was so itchy, and so miserable. I got it done because I had an Indiana dunes trip coming up and my boyfriend said “thatd be so hot”.

It was not hot. I was wrecked. I did not enjoy the dunes. It felt like someone rubbed poison ivy all over my vag and ass and inner thighs. No matter how much aloe vera cocoa butter and ointments I costed it with it was a nightmare for like a week before I started seeing results. So the week was spent with horrible tossing and turning sleep followed by me waking trying to itch it. Going to the bathroom sucked, hot showers sucked cold showers sucked everything about It sucked. One of the 100 creams I used gave me a uti. It was a nightmare inside a nightmare. Oi.



A new client came in right after having sex, and leaked all over the bed. And she wanted me to finish the job, so cleaned herself right in front of me, completely nonchalantly! I couldn’t look her in the eyes.



Not a waxer, but an eyelash technician. One time I had a client come in with crabs in her eyelashes which was obviously the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Frequently people come in for fills and haven’t bothered to clean their eyes for 3 weeks thinking it will make the extensions stay on longer resulting in a nice layer of yellow crusties all along the lash line.



Female booked in for a bikini wax, arrives late with her boyfriend and looks slightly drunk but my friend gets started. When she asks the lady to open her legs jizz starts slowly oozing out of her vajay hole. This was back when my friend was new to the industry so she just tried not to gag and carried on because she thought she’d get in trouble if she confronted the client. She also had a bloke have a wank during a spray tan once, ugh.



I don’t do it for a living, but I wax myself during swimsuit season. I had forgotten to put baby powder down and accidentally put too much wax on my bikini line. I decided to pull it off anyway. It took a few fabric strips and I ended up having to pull extremely hard. I broke some capillaries and ended up bruising extremely bad. Hurt like a bitch to wear underwear for a week…



My waxing lady told me she had a client who tried to do a Brazilian at home… the client did a small bit then changed her mind , she hopped in a hot bath to “wash off” the wax and got stuck in the tub. The client then called to flatmates who couldn’t pull her out. Her flat mates then called the ambulance who called the fire service who cut part of the bath out then the ambulance took her to hospital where they removed the bath piece and wax with solvents! Welp! Can you imagine?



During school I trained to be a beautician, the salon that I trained at did full body waxing. I was the youngest one there so the ladies at the salon would give me the clients that they didn’t want. One day, a overweight lady came in and wanted a Brazilian wax. She had a foul scent, so they gave the lady to me. I offered her wet wipes and asked if she wanted to go to the bathroom before I start. When I started, the smell worsened. I also had to ask one of the salon ladies to lift her rolls to get to her lady area. Her lady area had crusted shit in her lady area hair. I was still new to waxing, so I ended up throwing up on overweight lady.

Theoverweight lady ended rolling off the table and the firefighters had to be called because no one could lift her up. The salon ladies offered the overweight lady a free service and refused to keep training me. After that I quit my dream of being a beautician and started studying Hospitality.



I was a hairstylist before becoming an esthetician full time and I had to do a man’s brazilian. I’m about 90% sure he did porn or lewd modelling or something bc of his body and how exact and picky he was. He requested me to wax his shaft and balls. Like pull it tight and rip the shit off. Then he asked me to sit there, and tweeze any hairs I missed. I don’t wax below the neck anymore.



I’m a hairstylist but an esthetician friend of mine said she kept a small container of Vick’s vaporub in her apron pocket and would smear a bit on her upper lip before doing certain peoples brazillains because of the smell.



Once had a lady who was rather large, always had awful hygiene and smelled as though she hadn’t showered for days. She had scabby lines in the folds of her fat and when she lifted on her skin to stretch for the wax removal, a rotten stench would be released from the crevice. She had eczema and very dry, scaly skin around her bikini line and anus. Sort of reminded me of lizard skin. Omgg I used to dread the days she was booked in with me.



This was waxing myself, not others, but once I tripped while carrying a hot jar of wax. I was naked as I was about to wax my muff and just got a new sofa. In the split second of tripping for some mystifying reason I decided that instead of letting the wax get on the new sofa I’d put my body under the spillage. I ended up with scalding hot wax stuck to my stomach area. It burned me and as I have a pretty deep belly button, took a while to cool. I couldn’t move in this period as I didn’t want to spill the wax more.

When it had cooled I had to spend 2 hours slowly detaching the wax from my burned skin and tiny stomach hairs that it had welded to.I was half laughing at my stupidity and half crying at the pain. My mum called during and couldn’t stop laughing at me.


h/t: Reddit