Woman Live-Tweets Coworker Bringing Raw Chicken To The Office Potluck, And It’s A Full-Fledged Nightmare

Office potlucks can really tell you a lot about people. What sorts of food people bring, how(/if!) they season it, whether or not they follow potluck etiquette—these are all reflections on who they are as human beings.

So when Lily (@caveofbeauty) shared a photo of what her coworker brought to the office potluck (A BAG OF RAW CHICKEN)—and then proceeded to live-tweet the aftermath, BOY did it sure feel like we got some lessons in human nature, but also in office politics and food safety, all at once! What a treat.

“My coworker brought raw chicken to the potluck today,” she wrote. “I—”

She then tweeted an update: The dude brought his own deep fryer but apparently does not believe in spices, explaining that “putting the sauces on them after” IS the seasoning.

The next tweet is a video, captioned: “he’s touching [the chicken] with his bare hands too. Pls send help.”

“This has gone entirely too far,” Lily wrote. “SOMEONE CALL THE POLICE.”

The updates grew more and more concerning. Lily revealed that the offender proceeded to touch everything around him with his raw-chicken hands, and even BIT INTO A RAW ONE to see if it was cooked.


This is what meat thermometers are for, people.

“He keeps offering me the salmonella,” Lily wrote, adding that she had no choice but to keep shoving pizza slices in her mouth despite it not being a part of her diet.


Unsurprisingly, a coworker fell ill immediately after eating a salmonella chicken wing. “I’m watching natural selection happen in real time,” Lily noted.

It seemed to never end.

The coworker who had gotten sick legitimately had to leave the office for the rest of the day.


Worst of all?


Yeah…what nightmares are made of, and what would be a fireable offense in any food establishment.

If you got nauseous, you weren’t the only one.

It’s upsetting.

It’s sickening.

It’s horrifying.

Authorities should have been notified.

We wish Lily the best of luck on her job search.

h/t Twitter