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People Applaud Restaurant Owner’s Clapback At ‘Karen’ Who Refused To Be Served By Trans Staff

A Texas steakhouse owner was not impressed by a former customer’s comment complaining about a server who she called a “boy” but was wearing nail polish, makeup, and a “sparkly choker necklace” that she says caused her husband to become “unglued.”

It’s unclear what personal problem her husband has that he has a meltdown over less common gender presentation, but the customer, dubbed “Debbie” by the owner, felt that the entire restaurant should change its policies for the sake of her incredibly fragile spouse.

The owner of Dakota’s Steakhouse of Hereford was not willing to do this and thankfully stood up for their server over a rude and unreasonable customer.

“I will not be back if boys look like women with nails painted and are serving people,” Debbie commented on one of the restaurant’s Facebook posts. “Seriously.”

Other transphobes projected their transphobia in response, saying things like “Welcome to America” (because they hate freedom, we guess), to which Debbie responded that the server had “nails longer than mine, eyebrows painted on and makeup wtf Scott came unglued so gross oh and a sparkly choker necklace.”

No word on whether Scott has been able to become re-glued or if they were able to get a refund on that clearly useless glue. However, the steakhouse owner had a handy idea for how Scott could avoid falling apart in his restaurant again — simply do not eat there, instead remain at home so Scott won’t make the staff uncomfortable by leering at them.

“At Dakota’s Steakhouse we support our staff 100%,” they wrote. “No matter their religion, race, criminal history or sexuality; I don’t judge. I choose to provide an opportunity of employment for everyone. If this offends you then please stay at home. After all if you could cook Debbie, then maybe Scott wouldn’t be looking at his server all night.”

The clap-back was so good that it made its way onto Reddit’s “Insane People on Facebook” forum where commenters resoundingly praised the steakhouse owner, Josh Murray, for standing up for his employee’s rights and telling transphobes to stay home and eat another casserole.

His response also resulted in a flood of positive reviews on the restaurant’s Facebook page and other review platforms.

“Great management who supports their employees,” wrote one reviewer. “Worth visiting if only for that fact.”

Others have signaled their approval in comments on various Facebook posts, including ones that show that Murray cares about all his employees even if it means losing a significant amount of money. Their most recent post announced that the establishment would be closed for the night because of a staffing shortage, but didn’t whine about it, rather simply explained that as human beings, their staff had illnesses and family stuff crop up and it just happened to be a lot at the same time.

“Unfortunately we will not be able to open this evening,” they wrote. “We do not have enough servers due prior family plans or illnesses. We appreciate everyone that came out and had lunch with us today! We look forward to resuming normal hours Monday. Sorry for any inconvenience.”

Considering the sentiments often found on Reddit lately, it’s not surprising that users widely love Josh Murray now.