Hell Yes! Someone Made A Roomba That Swears When It Bumps Into Things

F*cking finally! There’s a g*ddamn Roomba that swears like a motherf*cking pirate. The only question I have is why this took so long??


Roombas are, of course, robotic vacuum cleaners that cruise around the carpeted wastes of homes all day tirelessly sucking up the dirt and detritus that its human masters can’t be bothered to deal with. Despite their sensors, they also bump into a lot of things like table legs, chair legs, counters, and miscellaneous things like beloved family pets

Normally when a Roomba bonks its head it does so without complaint, but now, thanks to a young YouTuber/genius named Michael Reeves, the device can finally express itself.

Reeves programmed his Roomba to scream and swear in frustration when it runs into an obstacle, thereby making it the most human-like robot ever invented. 

Using carefully selected audio clips the Roomba responds to minor collisions by screaming things like: “ARE YOU F*CKING SERIOUS??” and “ARRRRRGH! WHY WAS I CREATED THIS WAY!??