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People Are Freaking Out About Ryan Gosling As Ken In The First Pics From The Barbie Movie (20 Tweets)

Yesterday, Warner Bros. shared the first snap of Ryan Gosling as Ken in Greta Gerwing’s live-action Barbie movie, set to release in July of next year.

Warner Bros / Twitter

People. Lost. Their. Minds.

Here are 20 tweets reacting to the image that are guaranteed to make you snort-laugh.

1. This one is just so true.

@bashful_michael / Twitter

2. Replying to the WB’s tweet

@superyakishop / Twitter

3. So thirsty

@aleandergold/ Twitter

4. Anyone remember this guy?

@dominos_uk / Twitter

5. Yassssss!

@Olivialilymarks / Twitter

6. He’s playing Ken period, this should be a given.

@jackdmurphy / Twitter

7. Fire Island

@Alex_abads/ Twitter

8. I get it.

@Alyssa_merc / Twitter

9. YouTube Gays

@heyjaeee / Twitter

10. Aren’t we all.

@marcsnetiker / Twitter

11. Icons

12. Yup

13. Pride!

14. Plastic

15. More Freddie References

16. I did not even NOTICE this.

17. Hang in there

18. The range!

19. Toys R … oh 🙁

20. We’re ready