People In This Online Group Share Posts That Are Oddly Satisfying (18 Pics & Vids)

When I was a kid, my mother was a seamstress. So, I spent a good amount of time in fabric stores. Not exactly the Disneyland for a little kid, but I made do with what I had. What I had was a giant roll of silk fabric. I’d sit there, suck my thumb, and rub the soft fabric between my fingers. It was oddly satisfying.

This online Reddit group is dedicated to satisfying pics and vids that basically feel like a warm hoodie right out of the dryer.

Here are the most satisfying pics and vids from the past few weeks:

1. A cubic window during different times of the day.


2. Squeezing shaving foam.

3. Every dad’s dream.


4. Junking an old car.

5. This nearly perfect dahlia I spotted at a local park.


6. Satisfying window tint.

7. Mango chocolate mousse.

8. My community just applied a new seal coat on the pavement.


9. Applying glue to a windshield.

10. Sink area designed for drying.


11. Harvesting lavender bushels.

12. Daisugi, a Japanese sustainable forestry technique allows straight, harvestable timber to grow on a tree base that is never cut down.


13. This painting of a truck on both garages to confuse people.


14. I love the layout of these houses. It’s like their own little satellite towns.


15. Nature can be satisfying too.


16. Incan Wall, a very satisfying example of master stone masonry. Cuzco, 1400’s


17. Purrrfection we got here.


18. The word CHEESE carved out of cheese.