19 Mesmerizing Shadows You’ll Probably Stare At For Far Too Long

Sometimes, the shadow is better than the actual thing that’s projecting it.

When the angle of the sun or the lighting’s just right, magic happens.

That’s precisely what happened with these picture-perfect shadowy moments!

1. A Very Good Shadow Woofer

Why hello, little sundog from pics

2. The Truck Is Saying ‘Hi’

This trucks shadow says "Hi" from mildlyinteresting

3. Sick With An Ice Pack On His Head When His Girlfriend Told Him Not To Move

Sitting on the couch with a headache and an ice pack on my head when my girlfriend tells me not to move from pics

4. The Eye Of Sauron In This Wine Glass

Found the Eye of Sauron while wine tasting. from pics

5. These Kids Playing


6. Even The Shadows Are Plaid In Scotland

Even the shadows in Scotland are plaid from pics

7. The Shadows Cast By These Kitchen Tools

The reflection of kitchen appliances looks like people on a park from mildlyinteresting

8. A Water Spider’s Underwater Shadow

This spiders reflection in a pool from mildlyinteresting

9. This Bag Of Cat Food Looking Like A, Well…

This cat food bag’s shadow looks like a cat. from mildlyinteresting


The Shadow on my brother’s glass lines up perfectly with the coaster. from mildlyinteresting