Woman Shares Hack For Removing Wrinkles From Your Sneakers, People Try It And Post Their Before & After Results

You probably don’t worry too much about taking care of the sneakers you wear to go running or the ones you wear to the gym—those are meant to be used a lot and eventually replaced with new pairs.

But for people who take sneakers very seriously (“sneakerheads”), keeping those bad boys that you stood in line for (maybe) and spent a bunch of money on (possibly) in good shape is very important. 

You can usually get rid of dirt on your sneakers but now, thanks to a Twitter user named Shantel Dé Bonsu (@shanteldebonsu), we know that you can also get rid of the creases you get on the shoes after wearing them a lot.

You can make old sneakers honestly look almost brand new, and that is something very good to know. 

Dé Bonsu, who hails from Bexleyheath, UK, posted a thread on Twitter that went massively viral, getting over 130,000 retweets as of the time of this writing. 

She included pictures of her sneakers from before and after the treatment. 

The difference is amazing, right? 

They look like a brand new pair of kicks. 

Dé Bonsu’s hack for getting the creases out requires stuff you probably have at your house already. 

Here’s what to do: stuff your shoes with some tissue paper, or if you don’t have that handy, old socks or rags will also work fine. 

Your shoes should be stuffed to the point where, when you press on the top of the sneaker, there’s no give. 

Now take a clean towel or cloth, wet it with hot water, and wring it out. 

Put that cloth on top of the crease you want to get rid of. 

Like so. 

And now put the iron on top of the towel and that should pretty much do it. 

The amount of time with the iron it takes to de-crease the sneakers depends on how deep the crease is to begin with. Dé Bonsu also explained that “with VIM” means with “energy/power.”

Dé Bonsu ended her super helpful thread by asking for pictures from followers of their results. 

She also made a video, which you can check out here (or at the end of the post). 

People started responding that it definitely worked. 

And they did include before and after pics which show just how well this hack works. 

Speaking to Bored Panda, Dé Bonsu revealed that her love of shoes comes from not having a lot of them as a kid. 

When I was younger my school used to have quite a few non-uniform days and I’d always come to them with the same shoes. No one else ever did, which was hard for me because I love shoes but was never able to get as many as I wanted. So I told myself that when I’m older with some money, I’ll get myself more shoes and help those who’d like to get more shoes by sharing discount codes or simply reminding people that there’s a sale.

As for how big the tweet blew up, she said, “I’m happy with the reactions because now my name is out there a bit more and I’ve managed to help a lot of people who didn’t know about the hack and that makes me happy.”

Here’s that video, if you want to make sure you’re doing it right.

Now everybody go over to Twitter and thank @shanteldebonsu for sharing this cool hack. 

h/t: Twitter: @shanteldebonsu, Bored Panda