“Society If _____”—27 Memes Imagining A Better World

The Society If meme is all about what’s standing between us and paradise.

Dystopias may be all the rage in fiction and in our current reality but it can be a nice change to imagine a utopia instead: a future world where everything is harmonious, peaceful, and good. This means different things to different people, of course, and finally there’s a meme to express those utopian yearnings, no matter how unrealistic. 

The World If aka Society If memes do just that, pairing a picture of the green and pristine future metropolis that would surely form if certain conditions are met. In that regard, it’s similar to the “This Is The Future That  Liberals Want” meme but even more open. You can imagine a perfect world whether for you that means restructuring society or just getting your hands on a new Taylor Swift album

The bottom line is that Society If meme / The World If meme is a simple and satisfying meme format that’s perfect for our current apocalypse




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