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Viral Starbucks Cup Size Myth Just Got Totally Debunked

Did… we need to actually test this out? I feel like.. no? But, uh, here we are.

A few days ago, a TikToker named Sueco posted a video claiming “You guys are not going to believe this. Starbucks has been scamming us this whole time.”

@sueco / TikTok

He fills a small Starbucks cup with coffee, then lies to your face, guys, TikTok is not a haven of trustworthy information, as he claims to pour the same contents into a medium-sized cup.

@sueco / TikTok

The video shows the grande cup is unable to hold the liquid from the “small”.

This isn’t the first time this accusation has been lobbed at the company. In 2019, a Facebook page, Weekend Go Where Singapore, also showed a video in which a small cup almost fills a medium entirely up.

That was also false. Seriously, stop believing random fools online.

Sueco’s BS TikTok went viral and if you ever wanted to witness people talking them into false narratives, check out some of the comments, like this one asking if “girth makes up for its lack of length.”

Bless this skeptic, who notes that we don’t ever see the inside of the cup:

Thankfully, the wonderful writers of BuzzFeed checked this out for all of us so we can STOP BELIEVING CRAP WE WATCH ON TIKTOK.

Observe, Alexa Lisitza pouring water into the small cup:

Alexa Lisitza via BuzzFeed

She then poured the Starbucks small into the medium cup.

Alexa Lisitza via BuzzFeed

And lo, behold: the cup was NOT FULL, despite Sueco’s claim that the medium size overflowed.

Alexa Lisitza via BuzzFeed

The same happened with the medium to large sizes:

Alexa Lisitza via BuzzFeed

So there you have it, total bullsh*t, presumedly shared with the world for views. Can we all agree social media is stupid and is making us idiots?