This Student Was Kicked Out Of Her Gym Because Her ‘Revealing’ Top Distracted Men, And We’re Confused

A law student says she was kicked out of her gym because the workout top she was wearing was “too revealing” and distracting to men.

22-year-old Marny tweeted a photo of herself in her exercise crop top to prove she was not wearing a sports bra, as gym staff had claimed. She wrote that she was with her boyfriend at a gym in Constance, south Germany, when she was approached by a female trainer and told “she couldn’t train like this.”

“I was just looking at her confused because I didn’t know what she meant,” Marny told the UK’s Evening Standard. “She said: ‘you can’t wear a sports bra.'”

“I was shocked, because it wasn’t a sports bra and even if it was, why not?” Marny said. The trainer added that it was “distracting for other guests around.”

“It was a bad day, I was really sad, really upset. I felt like I had been thrown back into the 1800s.”

Marny will be cancelling her membership and will not be returning to the gym, though in her Twitter thread she explained her reasons for not outing it by name.

In another tweet, she noted that the same tank top rule applied to men, but that she saw men at the gym in tank tops all the time who were allowed to exercise without harassment. 

“Many people were confused as to what their reasoning was, as you really can’t see anything (I know), and they said the reason was that I was wearing a sports bra and it wasn’t acceptable. (it isn’t a sports bra and I don’t get why sports bras aren’t acceptable but anyway)” she wrote.

Marny’s post was met with support from hundreds of Twitter users worldwide.

“I think telling women what to wear is getting really old and we should be able to wear what we want,” said Marny.