This Supermarket Keeps Retraining An Employee With Dementia So She Doesn’t Have To Stop Working

Are you desperately in need of some good news? Does the idea of a wholesome feel-good story make your heart swell? Well, then you have come to the right place.

Today’s dose of uplifting content comes to us all the way from London where a local supermarket is helping an employee with dementia keep her job by constantly retraining her.

This sweet lady is Mrs. Salomon, mother of Doron Salomon.

Mrs Salomon

Mrs. Salomon was diagnosed with early-onset dementia in her 50s and it wasn’t long before the illness started affecting her memory and job performance.

Mrs. Salomon’s doctor even deemed her unemployable and the Salomon family expected her to be let go from her job at Sainsbury’s supermarket in North London.

According to ITV, for the past year or so, Mrs. Salomon would arrive to work confused about her surroundings and wondering why she was there.

Instead of firing her, however, Sainsbury’s helped Mrs. Salomon keep her job by providing constant retraining and moving her to different tasks when one became too difficult.

Mrs. Salomon’s employers consistently altered her role to suit her changing skills as her condition deteriorated.

Her son, Doron Salomon expressed his gratitude to the supermarket in an emotional Twitter thread.

Doron listed all of the ways Sainsbury’s has helped his mother over the years.

He also shared a link where readers can donate to Alzheimer’s Research UK.

And people were touched by the story.     

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