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Whoops, This Teen Accidentally Moved Into a Retirement Community And She Loves It

Retirement communities have always had a poor stigma attached them. You know, the soupy food, sterile halls, sad residents, etc., etc. But, to quote Kanye West, we’re “livin’ in that 21st century, doin’ something mean to it.” And that “something” is bomb-ass retirement community culture.

Seriously. Retirement communities are becoming more modern, with better amenities, robust on-campus activities and entertainment and residences you actually want to be in. It’s impressive.

People are living longer, and the longer you live, the more fed up with life you get. You know what makes life easier? Moving into a joint where you don’t have to maintain a lawn, repair your roof, cook for yourself or even do your laundry. Sounds great, right?

Because IT IS.

That’s what 19-year-old Madison Kohout found out when she moved from Oklahoma to Arkansas.

Being a long-distance move, Kohout didn’t tour the community before she signed the lease.

It’s common for people who are moving across states or if the move is a multiple-hour drive.

The move was prompted by her relationship with Gloria Crittenden, whom she connected with on TikTok. Over the course of a year, Crittenden became a mother figure for Kohout, who does not have a biological family. Kohout’s move was so she could be closer to her chosen family, and Crittenden helped with the apartment search.

What Crittenden didn’t realize when she sent Kohout her apartment-to-be is that the apartment is in a retirement community.

She also got another surprise: she freakin LOVES IT.

Like, really loves it.

We learned how much through a separate TikTok, where she gives us updates on retirement community life.

Apparently, it’s a very quiet community.

Because most of its residents are asleep by the time Khout gets home.

She also doesn’t have to worry about noise complaints from her neighbors.

There is also always some really good gossip happening.

And everyone cares about your well being.

Sounds like heaven.


Reply to @2020broughtmehere I am a bit dramatic LOL but in all honesty I am SO blessed, I really do love it here #fyp #moving #apartment #seniorcit

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Anyway, to sum things up: