There’s A Secret Facebook Group Where UPS Drivers Share Pics Of All The Good Boys They Meet (25 Pics)

Dogs have a special relationship with the UPS truck. Some love it and some hate it but either way it’s an excuse to bark their heads off and run in circles. The smart pups have probably learned that the big doofy truck sometimes brings them toys and treats along with breaking up the monotony of their day. And the drivers seem to enjoy being greeted by wagging tails instead of snarling maws too. In fact the driver-canine bond is so strong that when UPS driver Sean McCarren started a Facebook group documenting the phenomenon called UPS Dogs  in 2013 it quickly gained an eye-watering 1.5 million Likes as well as spawning an Instagram account that has another 500,000 followers.  People just couldn’t get enough of the buddy-comedy that is a dog happily greeting the UPS driver like Santa Claus himself.

I mean just look at these good boys.












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