This Viral Thread Is Jam-Packed With Expert Travel Tips You’ll Want To Save For Your Next Trip

When going away on vacation and traveling, it’s important to be prepared. As my mother always told me—it’s better to over prepare than under prepare and you’re stuck spending hundreds of dollars to buy things you forgot—or, to fix mistakes you’ve made. Therefore, when I’m traveling to new places, I always do my research and ask for advice from friends I know who travel much more often than I do. Luckily, there are kind and honest people who share their experiences on Twitter and other social media platforms for all of us to take notes on.

Twitter user @KhanStopMe shared that he flies—a lot—and, he learned a lot from his experience that he felt like sharing with those who need it. Amongst the lessons he’s learned, some are vital. Like, for example, never checking bags—it saves you time and money. Also, speed walk to passport control to skip all the people going there, too.

He added some other tips and tricks—like moisturizing because of the dry air and skipping the movie.

Powerpants=a lifesaver.

Small snacks are great and yes, always wipe down that table.

Security tips are always useful.

He also added that having good bags saves everyone trouble.

Other users on Twitter began to share their traveling hacks and tips, too—proving that there are a lot of shortcuts you can take when flying or going away anywhere, at any time.

There you have it, everyone—now, enjoy your trips!