This Girl Gave Her Tinder Match 2 Hours To Write A Resume Explaining Why He Should Be Her Wedding Date, And He More Than Delivers

Swiping through Tinder never fails to be an adventure. Sometimes that adventure involves creepers and unsolicited photos, but other times it can involve some truly great conversation.

Sometimes it can even mean finding the perfect wedding date. Just ask Delyanie who matched with one very dedicated guy named Nate who was even willing to build a resume to go to a wedding with her.

This is South Carolina native Delaynie AKA @delayniemarie.

While swiping on Tinder one day, Delaynie matched with Nate who was interested in being her wedding date and jokingly, Delaynie requested a formal resume.

And Nate took the request pretty seriously.


A few hours later, Delaynie received this outstanding and thorough resume.

Note the many prestigious awards and acknowledgments.

Delaynie shared the entire exchange on Twitter where it garnered over 50K likes.

Needless to say, people were obsessed and wanted to know the outcome.   

Though, some commenters pointed out how odd it was to invite a stranger to a family wedding.

And several people were rooting for Gavin.

It wasn’t long before Delaynie shared an update saying she would be taking Nate to the wedding.

According to Bored Panda, however, the pair did not end up going to the wedding together, but they did remain friends.

h/t Bored Panda