This Girl Is Getting Job Offers After Turning An Old Coat Into A Fire 3-Piece-Suit

OK, get ready to be so jealous. Because this 19-year-old woman has the design savvy to see that she could turn a long vintage trench coat into a freaking adorable three-piece set AND she also has the skills to actually make it happen…and get this…she did the whole thing in just four hours. 

The coat-to-jacket-and-skirt project was tweeted by @lillmangomami on April 30, and it’s gone wildly viral, because that is some serious talent. 

Here’s a better look at the pieces. 

She started with that cool ankle-length trench coat in a checked pattern. 

And she turned into three separate pieces: a bralette, a cropped blazer, and a cute A-line skirt. 

And she did it in four hours. 

People on Twitter couldn’t believe she’d done it so quickly. 

And they commented on her astounding talent. 

And most of all, they marveled over the ensemble. Everyone wants one of their own and they’re basically trying to throw their money at her. 

Someone said it reminded them of Clueless.

Which, yes, absolutely. 

And it turns out the trench coat was a Goodwill find!

More like “GREATwill.” (Not apologizing.) 

For everyone who is dying to get their hands on something like this, you’re in luck, because it turns out that the creator is going to be making more soon. 

Keep an eye on this woman and don’t sleep because there’s no doubt she’s going to be a famous designer one day. 

h/t: Twitter: @lillmangomami