Weird Al Says It’s Cool To Pirate His New Movie Because, Well, He’s Awesome

As you may be aware, parody god Weird Al Yankovic’s new biopic, WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story, just released.

In true Weird Al style, it mercilessly mocks the idea of celebrity biopics, presenting a highly exaggerated history of the musical genius known for parodying artists like Lady Gaga, Coolio, Nirvana and … pretty much everyone who has had a top 10 song in the last four decades.

For instance, we’re pretty sure that real-life Weird Al didn’t hook up with Madonna (although we hope he did).

Despite the creative liberties, it’s getting good reviews! Last time we checked, it had an 84% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes from critics.

And good news: it’s free on the Roku Channel! Bad news: it’s on the Roku Channel!

That’s not great for a lot of people around the world who don’t have access to Roku (because god knows, what we need in the year of our lord 2022 is yet another streaming channel).

Anyway, naturally people want to know how they can watch the movie if they don’t have access to Roku. Which makes sense considering that it’s only available to folks in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

An Australian on Twitter asked for help. And being the hero that he is, Al responded with some not-to-subtle advice about sailing the high seas (wink wink):

Al Yankovic

He’s the best, right? Of course we shouldn’t expect anything less from a man who once started a song with the lyrics: “One in awhile, maybe you will feel the urge to break international copyright laws.”

When it comes to the internet, Weird Al has always had his finger on the pulse of what the kids want (which is getting stuff for free).

Naturally, this set off a torrent of praise for everyone’s favorite comedy songwriter/copyright violator.

The supportive memes flew as well.

Some even shared real-life stories about meeting Weird Al in person (spoiler alert: he’s really cool).

Others took the opportunity to send their thanks via bad puns (which surely Al would appreciate).

Meanwhile, a few wondered if Al might get in hot water for suggesting that people snatch the movie (which presumably cost money to make) for free.

But mostly everyone just wanted to celebrate what we already knew: the internet loves Weird Al (and he loves us back).