People Are Tweeting Out The Weird And Funny Nicknames They Call Their Pets

Anybody whose as obsessed with their pet as I am has one thousand nicknames for their creature that may or may not have something to do with their actual name. For instance, I have a dog named Hud, named after the 1963 film and character starring Paul Newman. But rarely does he get called Hud. More often than not, he goes by: Hudge, Hudgey, Fudgey, Fudgsicle, Dobby, Paul, Polly, Cowboy, and so on and so forth. You get the idea. 

Earlier this week, Twitter user metroadlib inadvertently created a trending meme when they posted a tweet listing the many, many names their pet goes by. 

0% of people dislike talking about their pets, so everyone took a break from being mean egomaniacs on Twitter to share their own animals’ myriad nicknames.

Submissions proved that elaborate nicknames are not exclusive to just dogs and cats. (Dying @ lil ball of quills).

If you, too, call your animal every name under the sun besides their actual name, then welcome to this non-exclusive club! And sound off to share your pet-name lists below!