If You Can Get Through This Post Without Freaking Out, You Don’t Have Any Of These Weird Phobias

11. Numerophobia


Fear of numbers and arithmetic.

12. Chaetophobia


The irrational fear of hair.

13. Mortuusequusphobia


An extremely rare phobia defined by the fear of ketchup.

14. Pogonophobia

The fear or irrational dislike of beards.

15. Deipnophobia

A fear of dinner parties and dinner conversations.

16. Cherophobia


The fear of happiness.

17. Trypophobia

Amino Apps

An extreme fear of clusters of circles or holes.

18. Genuphobia

with eyes wide shut/Flickr

The fear of knees or kneeling.

19. Thalassophobia


Fear of the ocean or deep bodies of water.

Scared yet?