Woman Sees Another Woman Being Filmed And Bullied At The Gym And Reacts In The Best Way Possible

There are many times in life when we witness people doing the wrong thing. When we see people ganging up on others, bullying them, and putting them down, we can’t help but wonder—why?!? What can we do to help those who are the victims, or, prevent the bullies from further attacking and hurting others again? The sad part is that we can’t truly stop bullies from being who they are—horrible people. What we can do is try and help those who feel bullied and try and help them understand that they are not alone and not everyone in the world is a complete waste of space and piece of garbage.

One woman recently was working out at the gym and noticed that other gym goers were mocking and filming a woman working out. Instead of ignoring the situation, she jumped into action and decided to show the woman that not everyone is a garbage person.

People who saw the story on Reddit were touched to see that the user took the time to go out of her way and speak to the woman, and, even workout with her to make her feel less nervous and a bit more comfortable getting into the swing of a new routine.

Thank you for being a kind person in a world of horrible, ugly people. Bless!