Woman Salvages Photos With Her Abusive Ex By Replacing Him With Delicious Steak

When you go through a break up with a really toxic person, you really need all aspects of them out of your life. Pictures, for example—you don’t want pictures of them around for sure. But what about the pictures you’re in, too? What about pictures where you maybe look especially cute, or ones that were taken at an event you really enjoyed, like a friend’s wedding? It can be hard to just destroy those pictures, but blacking your ex out with a thick Sharpie isn’t going to make for a nice picture. 

So one woman came up with a hilarious hack for getting rid of your ex in pictures—just photoshop something you love over them. In this case, that object of her forever adoration was a big, juicy steak. 

This is a brilliant idea, because (unless she goes vegetarian) she’s never going to want to break up with steak! They are a perfect couple. 

The genius behind this idea, Danielle, explained, 

So I finally got away from what has turned out to be a truly evil and terrible person. While I was deleting a ton of photos, I wondered if there was anything I could do to keep the halfway decent pictures of myself. So I decided to just replace him with something that I truly and deeply love and trust. Goddamn steak. Now I enjoy these pictures again.


Speaking to Bored Panda, Danielle said, “We actually dated for a bit. To be honest, I’m not really sure why a steak, haha. I love food and a good steak with a nice char on it is probably my favorite thing.”

Danielle’s ex sounds like a truly bad person. She described him as a “Compulsive liar in every sense. Controlling, violent, drugs, you name it, that was him.” 


She added, “Oh, and he almost beat a girl to death. So yeah, I’m glad I got out as lucky as I did. Completely broke but very lucky.”

Of her choice of steak, Danielle said, “It’s hard to be in a bad mood with steak. I’m not a big celebrity worshiper so I wanted to do something that I really truly loved. So steak it was.”

Her advice to others in the same situation? “If you’re unhappy about something in your life, change it! Never let anyone feel guilty about making yourself happy!”

People offered messages of support to Danielle. 

And they obviously loved her handiwork. 

So many people said they were going to do the same thing (maybe not with steak, though). 

There were a few jokes, of course. How can someone resist the almighty pun? 

But the most important thing is that Danielle has finally found a partner to stand proudly next to forever. 

h/t: Bored Panda