Woman’s Viral Thread About Botched Nail Jobs Has People In Straight Up Tears

Twitter account @TaiAlexandria recently took to the platform to bestow upon us a nail version of “Expectation vs. Reality.” She first shared her own “what you wanted vs. what you got” nail catastrophe—which, to be perfectly honest, looks like a dream compared to some of the responses her viral tweet prompted.

Some of these nail techs out here are really out to ruin lives.

It’s as though…they’re trying their hardest to craft the ugliest nails they can.




There are working nail artists out there making grown women cry.

It’s hard to say which is more hysterical: the photos of the failed nail jobs, or the comments underneath them.

One woman shared the ultimate “what I wanted vs. what I got”…

Let this be a lesson to you always: once you see that first nail all botched and bungled, DON’T LET THEM FINISH THEIR OTHER NINE.

Even famous people are not immune.

h/t Twitter