30 Funny Zoom Memes & Jokes To Laugh At While Your Mic Is Muted

Depending on your perspective one of the worst or best aspects of the current crisis is the decrease in face-to-face interaction with other human beings.

But communication still has to occur, whether you’re working from home or taking classes online,  Zoom has become the standard of “new normal” in this COVID world.

Suddenly everyone and their mother is logging in to Zoom calls to chat with and gawk at their friends/co-workers/family members from inside a Brady Bunch-like matrix of video feeds.

Naturally, there’s a learning curve to any unfamiliar technology, and mishaps and hilarity and zoom memes have ensued.

Here are some of the best Zoom memes we had time to find.

1. How am I late for a Zoom meeting when my computer is literally right next to me?

2. Paying attention in Zoom meetings is hard, let’s be honest.

zoom meme - cool not paying attention



zoom meme, zoom memes



zoom meme, zoom memes


zoom meme, zoom memes


zoom meme, zoom memes


zoom meme, zoom memes