‘Asking For A Refund Doesn’t Make You A Karen’ Post Goes Viral And Sparks Debate

“Being a Karen” has become a term laced with misogyny that has become a catchall for any suburban white woman doing almost anything.

Tumblr user ruffboijuliaburnsides explained in a viral post that there is a huge difference for being reasonable and strong about a problem and having a temper tantrum if you’re asked to put your makeover your nose. And I agree. Let’s check out her post below.

First we get an explanation of “only Karens ask for refunds” being a pretty handy tool for companies.

“only karens ask for refunds” is pro-corporation propaganda. if they don’t give me what i want they’re giving me my money back and that doesn’t make me an angry middle-aged karen harpy, you’re just cucked by stupid reddit memes 


Then, in a reply from lgbtpolitics, we get a comparison of how McDonald’s treated the woman who suffered terrible burns and sued the company. Remember that? Basically she became a walking joke for suing because coffee was “too hot”. That coffee was WILDLY too hot and she was right to request medical compensation.

Really though, remember the woman who sued McDonald’s because their coffee was hot and everyone took the piss out of her and a bunch of other people who sued corporations for a “silly” reason and then it turned out most of them were right and entirely harmed by the company and they were just turned into a joke by the company propaganda machine? 

Imo the current obsession with mocking anyone who asks for a refund, returns something or god forbid wants to talk to a manager is just the second version of this. Companies will cut corners wherever they can and mock you when you complain. 

And here’s the post from ruffboijuliaburnsides. The Tumblr user explains that after receiving cold pizza and a missing soda, she called the restaurant and treated people politely.

Yesterday my pizza order got to me cold and missing my soda. When I asked about both from the driver he said he couldn’t go back for the 2L because he was technically a door dash driver. I called the store and it turns out when they’re slammed (which they had been), they get door dash drivers to help with delivery to help them catch up. 

So I spoke to the manager, assured her that I wasn’t angry, just kind of frustrated – part of why the pizza was cold was that door dash drivers don’t have the heat retaining delivery bags the actual delivery employees of the pizza place get, and because he wasn’t an employee of the pizza place the driver wouldn’t be going back to the pizza place and couldn’t get my soda. 

The manager explained that this was Door Dash’s mistake and it couldn’t be fixed instantly, but she’d send the first driver she could to bring a soda and give the customer a credit for the pizza.

And the manager said she’d get her first driver going in my direction to bring by the soda, and offered to give me a credit for the pizza being cold, and we pleasantly ended the conversation. 

Because it’s okay to say “hey, this isn’t what I was told I’d be getting”, you just have to be polite and reasonable about it.

It’s okay to be polite, reasonable, and maintain your expectations! Other Tumblr users really agreed, which makes me happy. Are we, maybe, at the end of the “Karen” memes?!

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