amazon hides packages

People Are Sharing The Funny Way Amazon “Hides” Deliveries (16 Pics)

Amazon employees deserve our sympathy and respect. While millions of people are working from home during the pandemic and alternating languidly between Zoom calls and Netflix marathons, Amazon workers and delivery people are out there working to make sure our society doesn’t collapse completely to ensure that you get that new bath mat.


It’s a largely thankless position and they must encounter all sorts of strange things on their routes. That being said some Amazon delivery staff have a funny way of leaving packages, often leaving them in odd locations, or hiding them in ineffective ways. Whether this is to help deter theft or protect the items from the weather — or just due to a general lack of f*cks given —  is unclear.  

Recently on Twitter people shared some of the, shall we say, creative places that Amazon has left their deliveries, from the good to the bad to the WTF?











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