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Armie Hammer’s Alleged DMs Were Leaked And His Kink Is Cannibalism (21 Tweets)

Actor Armie Hammer is once again trending on Twitter over some indiscrete sexual material.

In 2017, people had noticed that Hammer was liking tweets about spanking and other kinky things, probably not realizing people could see. It’s now 2021, and things have escalated with him as much as they have with everything else.

Armie Hammer is now trending because someone supposedly leaked his Instagram DMs with women he had a sexual relationship with. And they’re extreme.


There has been a lot of debate over whether or not the DMs are real or edited, but Just Jared reports that writer Jessica Ciencin Henriquez, who dated Hammer after he split with his wife last summer, has tweeted that they are. She also shared more DMs supposedly from Hammer.

A common theme in Hammer’s alleged DMs (trigger warning) are fantasies of violence that get as extreme as mutilation, blood-drinking, and cannibalism. One message reads, “I am 100 percent a cannibal.”

This has sparked a lot of debate around kink and consent. Some of the DMs, like the ones Henriquez shared, suggest that Hammer wasn’t just being kinky, he was being abusive. Other people say that while fetishizing blood isn’t for the vast majority of people, for the people with that fetish, it can be engaged in respectfully.

Even if this is Hammer, there’s also no way to know if these tweets are just horny stream-of-consciousness and fetishization or actual plans for harm. 

The Internet is shooketh. It’s almost too much to process. And for the way this year has started, that’s saying a lot. Here are some tweets to help: