Guy Mocks Pic Of Joe Biden Hugging His Son And Get Lit Up (18 Tweets)

Throughout the entire presidential election, the Trump camp has been trying to paint Hunter Biden as a villain and Joe Biden as his enabler. And throughout these attacks, Joe has stood firm in his love and support for his son. One thing we have learned during Joe’s campaigning is family is extremely important to him and he frequently talks about his children on the campaign trail.

Knowing family is Joe’s soft spot, Trump fans have turned to attacking his family members, even though they are not running for president. Except their tactic isn’t working out the way they thought it would.

Recently, conservative television host John Cardillo decided to send this bad take out into the ether.

The image is one of Joe and Hunter Biden embracing, with Joe giving his son a loving kiss on the cheek. You know, things families do.

The tweet was horribly ratioed, receiving 13.7K likes but 66.5K comments and 23K quote tweets, most of them dragging the television host. Below are some of the best burns.







7. It quickly turned into a meme