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Borat Is On Twitter And He Won’t Stop Trolling Trump (Very Nice)

It was recently announced, to the surprise and joy of millions, that Sacha Baron Cohen will soon release a sequel to Borat, the 2006 film about an innocent Kazakh journalist’s journey through America that amazed and confused the world.

As if that news wasn’t good enough, there’s been a further development: Borat is now on social media. Things come out a bit later in Kazakhstan so it seems that 14 years after the platform’s invention Borat has discovered Twitter and is making up for lost time by tweeting constantly and hilariously about Donald Trump

Whether this is the official promotional Twitter account for Borat or a talented imposter is impossible to say but the account is verified, so there’s that. 

Here are some of Borat’s best Trump tweets, thus far. 

1. On crushing COVID-19

2. On leading by example

3. On father-daughter relations

4. On showing strength

5. On killing two birds with one stock

6. On spreading the love

7. And spreading the germs

8. …And spreading the fluids

9. ……..And spreading more germs

10. On giving the people what they want

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