Cheap People Share The Shady ‘Life Hacks’ They Use To Avoid Spending Money (21 Tweets)

Fair warning, some of these are MORE than a little, uh, dubious. And you definitely look like a spendthrift. But hey! Save a penny, penny earned, something something Ben Franklin. Which ones do you like & will use?

1. Rental tires


2. Free Fish

@JayGrayer / Twitter

3. Concert hops


4. Empty box


5. Scanned texts


6. Literally stealing


7. Clothing samples


8. Towel thief


9. Thanks, Coldstone


10.Parking pass


11. Coachella card

 @RobJizdOnMyFace / Twitter

12. Movie hops

@Thewhitefawnkbh / Twitter

13. Concert stamps

@MissStenn / Twitter

14. Returned shoes

Photo: @MarzetPrice / Twitter

15. College, oh college.

@yenxvio / Twitter

16. Printing

 @_Erica_lynn20 / Twitter

17. Free breakfast

Photo: @LoveBADROMANCE_ / Twitter

18. Free coupons


19. Eyeliner


20. Cheap car wash


21. Returns.