24 Climate Change Tweets That Are Funny But Also Kinda Terrifying

Hey guys, no need to be alarmed! The Earth is going to be just fine! The people on the Earth, well… that’s a different story. Global warming is here and already doing damage to the planet. There is no more time to mess around and see what happens. Climate change tweets and jokes are everywhere to remind people in a lighthearted way that we really are running out of time.

Everyone needs to be doing their part to reduce climate change as much as possible. You can make a positive impact by using reusable bags, eating less meat, but most importantly demand corporations start taking climate change seriously. Don’t forget to vote in your local elections and put people in positions of power who make the longevity of our planet their highest priority. 

1. We’re heading to Nebraska.

2. You might not make it that far.

3. Sick burn (or melt).

4. No, you need weed.

5. It makes no sense. 

6. Just poor writing here.

7. I’ve had 3 existential crises. 

8. He owes it all to the iceberg. 

9. Best I can do is banning straws.

Via: climemechange

10. Can’t nobody tell me nothing. 

11. We need a whole new plan. 

12. Is this good news? 

13. Why is it snowing all of the sudden?

Via: climemechange

14. This isn’t a good thing. 

15. I care very much! 


Via: climemechange

17. Whoever smelt that fossil fuel, dealt it. 

18. Good luck out there.

19. Bad news, Uncle Larry. 

20. Say your prayers, humans. 

21. It’s a cry for help.

22. There’s literally no more time. 

23. Slack notifications are much less pressing now.

24. I’m good, thanks.

Hannah Riley

Hannah Riley a comedy writer and content editor with ADHD living in Seattle, Washington.