20 Of The Best Comebacks To Sexist Guys From The Year Of Our Lord 2022

There are no excuses for rampant incel-style sexism. Period. There never were, really, but in the year of our lord 2022, men should really be checking their nonsense.

I’ll be real: I hate seeing this stuff. I hate reading it, I hate it. But I do get some serious satisfaction watching complete assholes get owned by women. Let’s dive in.

1. Hair color?

deleted / Reddit

2. Oh no

rode__16 / Reddit

3. Can’t figure it out

smallbrowngorl / Reddit

4. It’s not a thing

beerbellybegone / Reddit

5. Gross, man.

BusyBeeBusyBee / Reddit

6. What a relief!

Bwheat0674 / Reddit

7. Ew. No.

tazztsim / Reddit

8. Indeed.

TheRealMynz / reddit


lunatoons291 / Reddit

10. Never once, clearly.

its_givinggg / Reddit

11. Who’s the common denominator

12. RIP, me

13. Cheater

14. Dale, no.

15. Ew. Ewwww.

16. Tis I.

17. I think she does.

18. How on earth.

19. I.. no.

20. IS IT.