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Journalist Compiles Playlist Of 20-Second Chorus Songs To Wash Your Hands To

The coronavirus is spreading, and there’s a lot of concern over how to handle it.

There’s a dangerous shortage of tests circulating for doctors to actually find out if people have the virus and not just another flu or cold. That means infected people are likely spreading the virus even further without knowing it because not everyone who gets coronavirus has a life-threatening experience. But someone they come in contact with might, which is why early detection and quarantine is so important.

So, what can you do? Short term, you can try to work from home if that’s an option. You can also wash your hands like a fiend.

Washing your hands and avoiding touching your face is one of the best options for protecting yourself from infection, but we’re not talking a light rinse. There’s a specific way to wash your hands and a recommended length of time for scrubbing. About 20 seconds, or as long as it takes to sing through “Happy Birthday” twice.

Journalist Jen Monnier is washing her hands, but she’s gotten a little tired of that old tune:

She offered a few other options with 20-second choruses because we definitely don’t want people to stop washing their hands just because they’re bored.

Love On Top:


Raspberry Beret:



Truth Hurts:

Since most people are sick of thinking about sickness, they were quick to jump on the game and offer up even more:

Keep washing those hands, folks, and stay groovy.

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