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Guy’s Viral Twitter Thread Breaks Down Every Type Of Disney Song (23 Tweets)

People love a good Twitter thread. There’s just something about a stranger passionately breaking down some piece of pop culture minutiae tweet by tweet that really gets peoples’ nerd engines humming. So when reporter Justin McElroy fired up a thread promising to break down the history of Disney movies by song type, people grabbed their animated popcorn and settled in.

McElroy bolstered his case with video montages and gave each archetypal category of Disney song a title like “This Is The Movie” or “We Should Bone.”

1. “This Is the Movie”

2. “I Want”

3. “I’m The Villain”

4. “We Should Bone”

5. “Cheer Up, Kid!”

6. These are the biggies but McElroy claimed to have identified many other types of Disney songs

7. “Here’s My Deal”

8. “Here’s OUR Deal”

9. “Here’s THEIR Deal”

10. “Things Will Be Okay”