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Drake’s Absurdly Enormous Mansion Is Getting Roasted Online (25 Tweets)

No matter what’s going on in the world, rich people are gonna rich people. Celebrities are gonna celeb. The reality they’re living in is different from ours and they’re not afraid to advertise it. For example, Drake, a man who grew up in Toronto, became a world-famous multi-millionaire and decided to go back to his hometown and build an absolute monstrosity there. The 50,000-square-foot mansion has taken six years to build, and he revealed the many rooms inside to Architectural Digest, who published a breathless piece on its majesty this week:


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In his interview on the house, Drake makes a few bold declarations, like,”Because I was building it in my hometown, I wanted the structure to stand firm for 100 years. I wanted it to have a monumental scale and feel…It will be one of the things I leave behind, so it had to be timeless and strong.”

The only problem is that the house is absolutely hideous and it seems like everyone not directly involved with its creation or working at Architectural Digest knows that. Well, maybe it’s his taste. Maybe there are people out there who would like it…but it still looks unbelievably uncomfortable and in no way “timeless.” 

There isn’t much to do right now, so at least this reveal has given people on Twitter something to do: roast the sh*t out of Drake’s house. 


He probably won’t read these tweets as he wanders through his bizarre palace, but we can and laugh. Money can’t buy taste, but it can buy a corona shaped chandelier.