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People Are Already Hilariously Struggling With Dry January (18 Tweets)

As the holidays come to a close, a lot of people embark on a “Dry January” — a month without alcohol. You go the entire first month of the year without a drink and it’s known to be a little bit of a challenge, especially in the aftermath of the holiday season, where people drink with abandon. So we’ll forgive some of the tweets below about the difficulties some folks are having with the event.

And laugh. We’ll also laugh.

1. Skin problems

@saggiesplinters / Twitter

2. RIP, sex

@ginnyhogan_ / Twitter

3. Agreed.

@chunkbardey / Twitter

4. Everything dry!

@Alex_t0dd / Twitter

5. There, there

@amyysmarrtx / Twitter

6. Just flat

@omgksr / Twitter

7. That pay gap

@aoibhin_b / Twitter

8. WHY

@elykreimendahl / Twitter

9. No traps

@thebumblingbee / Twitter

10. Tea!

@tacko_belle / Twitter

11. You have to drink

12. Bye, booze

13. Hang in there

14. Counts

15. Drizzly

16. Nobody’s complaining

17. Spirit of the law?

18. No clue