Journalist Asks People to Share What’s Empowering About Their Professions (27 Tweets)

Looking for a career change? Maybe you should check out this thread started by journalist Rituparna Chatterjee. While some of us might be looking for job security and good healthcare Benefits, Chatterjee wants people to consider what it is about their careers that’s “empowering.”

“What is the one most empowering thing about your profession?” she asked her followers on Twitter. “I’ll go first. Journalism: Amplifying the voices that otherwise would not reach the powerful.”

It’s an open question that people interpreted differently. Some saw it being about what is empowering for them personally in their work. Others saw it as being a question of how they empower others or the world at large through the work they do. Some say outright what their career is, others are more vague on their official job title, which makes me think they might be calling a job empowering that’s actually about brand synergy for influencers and high fructose corn syrup or something.

It’s still a nice framework to think about what you do when the grind is getting you down. Something may not feel like your life’s purpose and still be meaningful and necessary to others. And if it doesn’t seem like that’s true, well, here are some new jobs you might try: