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New Boss Ends Work From Home And Gets A Flood Of Resignation Letters (20 Tweets)

It’s pretty wild that employers are even still trying to force people back into the office after years of this pandemic, but they sure are!

From not facing a daily commute to Zooming in your PJs, working from home has been a huge help to the employees, but it’s also saving companies money on physical locations. And honestly, if I had to leave my dog, I’d be so dang sad!

Earlier this week, Twitter user “D” wrote about his new manager that wanted to force them all back into the office. The employees resigned en masse in response and Twitter had lots of stories to share.

1. Original Post From D


2. Good for them!


3. No kidding


4. Options!


5. Remote is the way


6. Why wouldn’t you!


7. If it can be done, it should be done


8. Strange


9. Clever


10. Culture!


11. Smoke and mirrors

12. Just trust us

13. Chill

14. It’s just not necessary

15. Cleaning house

16. It’s the worst

17. Projection

18. Goofing off?

19. Market is hot

20. Ages?