People Are Sharing Stories About Entitled American Tourists Not Realizing They’re The Foreigners While Abroad (20 Tweets)

As the world reopens after COVID-19, we’ve all come to embrace travel: it’s important to get out of our little bubbles and it’s very important to experience other cultures.

But as we all start to zip around the globe once more, it’s important to remember that you are a guest in another nation. And while Americans are by no means the only nation to send forth its citizens only to pay no mind to the social norms of the culture they visit, we sure are an easy punching bag.

A now-viral Twitter thread from comedian Ginny Hogan has people sharing some of the most entertaining times Americans didn’t realize they were foreigners. Here are some of the best.

1. Extra clarification

@ginnyhogan_ / Twitter

2. Canada

@awitsjocelyn / Twitter

3. Dude, you’re in Canada!

@agwon79 / Twitter

4. Paris!

@LTayella / Twitter

5. We don’t celebrate the 4th.

@arashaw / Twitter

6. The world is not Europe. Take dollars.

@julen__n / Twitter

7. Oh boy.

@flockofwords / Twitter

@flockofwords / Twitter

8. Same vibe, but for England.

@bencpye / Twitter

9. Just one nation

@adamkotsko / Twitter

10. Oh, Americans.

@damilolly_x / Twitter

11. Vacation. In Mexico.

GT_Numble / Twitter

12. They never write the nation

13. Sir, this is Canada

14. There, there, dummy

15. You didn’t fight here.

16. Many quesitons

17. Thanksgiving

18. To be fair, it’s huge

19. Change in CND

20. Guns at the border

h/t: Bored Panda